“A walk from Hackney Wick to the Barbican” is a site-specific Installation exposed at the Barbican Center on 2015. It representing an imaginary long walk from Hackney Wick to the location of the exhibition.

It synthesises a series of walks into a unique linear image, layering down the urban psycogeography in a way similar to a timeline.

The work is based on historical research, combined with field exploration of each area’s spacial development, social tissue and architecture. The areas studied are: Hackney Wick, Bow, White Chapel, Spitafields, Old street and Barbican.

The Collagraph and Drypoint are made on the perspex. They mounted onto a two perspex (1x2m) aligned and put into a structure. The length of the board is 4metres.

There will also be a rear projection on the perspex, featuring a montage of various historical footage, focusing on major events that happened in the areas, such as the Suffragettes’ movement. The footage will be appropriately processed to be abstract and evanescent, to complement the engravings.

Combining the traditional printmaking techniques with the modern technology of the video projection will emphasize the dualistic nature of the city itself, constantly torn between memory and change.