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La Bellezza fa 13

13th to 15th of June, Leopoldine Nuns Ex Convent, Piazza Tasso, Florence

“La Bellezza fa 13″ is a collaboration with between our collective Magma and the Florence based art collective Il Gatta Rossa. The exhibition and the performance night is taking place during Mona Lisa Day, An event throughout the entire centre of Florence that celebrates the birth of the Mona Lisa Gherardini as known as “Mona Lisa”.



Mnemonic City FLORENCE

from the 27th of May to the 30th of June 2014
Pascal Ancel Bartholdi, Rodrigo César Ferreira,Anna Burel, Anna Capolupo, Yasmine Dainelli, William Howard, Rupert Jaeger, Yuri Pirondi, Jaime Valtierra, Ines Von Bonhorst, Andrea Lucchesi, Sebastiano Benegiamo, Marco Zamburru, Carmelo Cutuli, João Leitão, Laura Calloni, Jacopo Rachlik, Rebecca Filippi, Alberto Gori.

Mnemonic City in Florence follows from the projects created in London and Madrid. The collective launched a new artistic exploration of the city involving the land of Florence in a stream of events from May 2014 until the end of June. It began with an exhibition at the Biagiotti Foundation in a sort of preview of their intervention in the city – some works created in previous editions of Mnemonic City. Magma joined forces with Gatta Rossa, engaging in a collaborative search for the identity of the place by fostering a personal connection with the members of the local collective and their native environment and creating an active and multi layered map of the experience through a joint research.




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